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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Green Electricity Tips

Solar Electricity Basics: A Green Energy Guide Green Electricity Tips 
  1. Audit yourself, A home energy audit is a way to inventory your home's energy use, where energy is lost, and where it can be saved.
  2. Reduce your use, Eliminating electronics that sleep on a standby setting; they continue to pull a current even when "turned off."
  3. Put your house on a diet Homes consume an enormous amount of energy, especially in heating and cooling
  4. Buy wise, When looking for new appliances, seek out the most energy-efficient models
  5. Homemade juice, Installing an home alternative energy system is becoming more and more cost effective as technology improves and assistance programs spread
  6. Charge up your toys For all the portable electronic gizmos in your life, consider feeding them green power with a solar charger
  7. If you build will save A home or building designed and constructed around energy efficiency can realize enormous savings. Everything from the positioning of the house, use of daylight and natural ventilation, lighting and appliances, and renewable energy system can push a building closer and closer to net zero energy consumption.
  8. Sign up for green power Getting green power may be as easy as checking a box on your energy bill. 
  9. Buy renewable energy credits Another way to support renewable energy and "offset" your own environmental footprint is to buy renewable energy credits (RECs).
  10. Think lifecycle We all use energy. It's just a fact. Even an off-the-grid house is filled with embodied energy.
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