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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green®

In recognition of the power of millions of individual actions, Earth Day 2011 will be organized around A Billion Acts of Green®: Personal, organizational and corporate pledges to live and act sustainably. At over 45 million actions to date, A Billion Acts of Green® campaign

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google PowerMeter Vs Microsoft Hohm

One essential part of a complete smart grid is a control thing in all back home and business. This control thing would be able to supervise and track electrical power habit and notify consumers of epoch what time electrical duty are next to a height. Consumers would control the option of falling power habit in support of real-time savings, or agree the controls to robotically shut-down unwarranted electrical campaign for the period of height hours.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sanyo Eneloop Portable Solar Panel

Green technologies owned by this gadget is very simple and easy to carry. Sanyo’s Eneloop rechargeable batteries state been the Holy Grail for serious battery users in lieu of various stretch currently,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tindo: The World's First Solar Electric Bus for Green Earth

The Adelaide City Council’s electric solar bus is the first in the the human race to be re-energized using 100% solar energy, this green technology will be used everyday by the Ancestors of Adelaide through the Adelaide City Council’s liberated Adelaide Connector Bus service. 

Monday, March 21, 2011


The beet (Beta vulgaris) is most excellent identified in its numerous cultivated varieties, the largely well identified of which is the purple root vegetable identified as the beetroot or backyard beet. The beet has a long history of encouragement stretching back to the agree with millennium BC. The place in the ground was probably domestic somewhere along the Mediterranean, whence it was anon expand to Babylonia by the 8th century BC and as far east as saucers by 850 AD. Beets are used in support of their detoxifying properties and are a unlimited source of folate, which is so essential in support of healthy fetal development and in support of a

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Five Most Environmentally Friendly Car

Modern cars often have a shortage because wasteful of fuel. Though the current worldoil prices continue creeping up, which of course can drain your pockets of motorists.
However, now the more green cars (green cars) that can save fuel, even to performefficiency of 80 miles per gallon (mpg).
In addition, green cars also produce lower carbon dioxide emissions, which of courseis so purpose of making green cars.
Here, a number of green cars is the most economical and low emissions in the UK:

Green Vegetable: Spinach

Spinach contains iron in the form of Fe2 + (ferrous), if the spinach is too long to interact with the O2 (Oxygen), the content of Fe2 + in spinach will be oxidized to Fe3 + (ferric). Although both iron, which is beneficial to humans is ferro, another case with a toxic ferric. So do once in a while to heat the spinach that has been through the process pemasakkan in the form of food. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

22 April: Earth Day

Earth Day is commemorated annually on 22 April, marks the anniversary of the birth of a change in environmental awareness movement in the 1970s. Earth Day was born was initiated by a United States senator, Gaylord Nelson. At that time he was a national protest against political circles related to environmental problems. He insisted that those issues included in the national agenda. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Increased of Renewable Energy

The best 3 renewable energy is wind, solar and hydro power. Government and private initiatives are swiftly ahead strength and the movement is aimed on emergent more renewable energy sources and fewer non-renewable sources. At home piece of information, the goal is to use instead all aging non-renewable production facilities with renewable facilities.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As for the benefits of being vegetarian is as follows:

1. Longevity
many studies have shown that in general, a vegetarian can live 5 or 20 years longer than ordinary people (non vegetarian). other than that they have a better quality of life.

2. Low risk of coronary heart disease
because of the low content of fat and cholesterol are low in vegetarian food, the risk of coronary heart disease is lower. disease risk of death in heart disease for vegetarians only half smaller than non-vegetarians.


Many of the important reasons why we should choose not to eat meat, not emotional or sentimental reasons, but a convincing reasons and scientific. If the reasons were considered in depth would have been starting now we will switch to vegetarian food. 

Eskimos, living the majority of meat and fat and very quickly grow old, the length of an average age of 27.5 years. Krigis nation, a nation Nomad in the East Russian food consist mostly of meat, quickly grow old and die sooner, they rarely exceed 40 years of age. In contrast a study done by the anthropology of the tribes who do not eat meat, has a brilliant health, durability, and longevity, for example enjoyed by tribes from Hunza in Pakistan, the ethnic autonomy in Mexico and southwestern Native America. 


Pray for Japan

Make a donation to the American Red Cross

Houses, cars and other debris are washed away by a tsunami in Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan, after strong earthquakes hit the area Friday, March 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Keichi Nakane, The Yomiuri Shimbun)
Houses are in flame while the Natori river is flooded over the surrounding area by tsunami tidal waves in Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan, March 11, 2011, after strong earthquakes hit the area. (AP Photo/Yasushi Kanno, The Yomiuri Shimbun)
A massive tsunami sweeps in to engulf a residential area after a powerful earthquake in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan March 11, 2011. (REUTERS/KYODO)
People make their way through a street clogged with debris in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture March 12, 2011. (REUTERS/Yomiuri)
A member of the Japan Self-Defence Forces carries a man in Natori city, in Miyagi prefecture March 12, 2011. (REUTERS/Yomiuri)

Monday, March 14, 2011


For the vegetarians, they are accustomed to using vegetarian flavorings or granule made ​​from extracts of plant stems, or you can also try to create your own egg substitute to make cake and bread:


The increase in energy demand and limited energy has made ​​designers come up with an alternative solar energy. Here it is the next generation street light solar-powered. Scientists working with designers to create and apply with a better lighting solution for the future and make the streets green and safe.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Biopori: Environmentally Friendly Technology Solutions in Indonesia

Biopori or commonly referred to as Technology "Lubang Resapan Biopori" is an alternative method for rain water soak into the ground, in addition to the leach pit. Use of this Biopori will make the balance of nature maintained, organic waste which often cause odor can be handled, besides that it also can store water for dry season. The initial idea was first introduced by Kamir Raziudin Brata, a researcher and lecturer in the Department of Soil Science and Land Resources IPB Institute. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Biofuel for better life

Recent technological innovations include shaped the fields of unconventional biofuels, which focus on non-food sources and good-for-nothing renewal as energy. By converting landfill material, as well as wood and inedible workshop parts, into green fuel, we not lone decrease down on the enjoy of fossil fuels but in addition effectively recycle mammoth amounts of discarded. These biofuels help quell the deliberation on whether growing crops representing fuel will effect in fewer vacant food crops.
Coal, lubricate, and natural swap gossip are the three key forms of fossil fuels energy. The enjoy of folks forms of energies is alleged by many scientists to include had a major impression on the surroundings, and as a effect, on being vigor. Reliance on fossil fuels, what time the source of folks fuels is other than domestic, in addition has a far-reaching impression on state-owned economies and international relations, which is not permanently obedient.
Biofuel refers to many poles apart types of alternative energy sources to may perhaps supplement or even put back fossil fuels. Although they lone balance representing a only some percent of the world's bring fuel to see, they are increasingly current due to elevated lubricate prices and an increasing unease with overall warming and hoard into them are therefore growing apiece day. Biofuels are normally not speaking into three categories: Solid biomass, liquid fuel and biogases. Each troop does not lone effectively portray the form of the fuel, but in addition hints next to the uses representing which the fuel is intended.

At home creating basic forms of biofuel, crops are cracked down into two types: Sweetie producing and lubricate producing. Sugar and starch producing crops, such as sweetie cane or corn, are plunk through a fermentation process to create ethanol. Oil producing plants, like folks used in vegetable oils, can be used much like fossil sources of lubricate; they create diesel to can be burned by cars or additional processed to suit biodiesel.
The a good number widespread liquid biofuel is ethanol, which is made from fermentation of one sweetie or starch from which alcohol might be made. It can in addition be produced from cellulosic ignition of bagasse and similarly inedible discarded products or non-food energy crops. Green diesel and biodiesel are a number of of many other forms of liquid biofuels to might be produced from vegetable or swine fats. All are largely used representing vehicle locomotion as they burn cleanly, are by far portable and contain tall amounts of energy, accordingly making them compatible with ignition engines.
Some detractors inform not in favor of the supposition to green fuel is free from pollution-causing attributes. The meting out of sweetie and starch plants into ethanol has draw closer under thug evaluation in fresh years; not lone perform these plants take away food-growing pause, the fermentation process releases significant pollution into the air. Moreover, green fuel does not necessarily burn clean, and might emit formaldehyde, ozone, and other carcinogenic substances what time used.
Generally the oil- and alcohol-based products listed exceeding are referred to as the paramount generation of biofuels, as are other biofuels based on products to are normally considered part of the food bind. The go along with generation of biofuels is accordingly folks to include taken a step away from consumable items, as an alternative generating energy from being discarded or non-edible plants. Cellulose-based ethanol fermentation is the unsurpassed illustration of this in how it makes enjoy of discarded products like gabasse, which is made potential by refined techniques and original technical discoveries. Currently third- and fourth generation biofuels are in addition researched by various companies all completed the the human race. These augur not lone to locate yet more possible energy sources, a number of probably far more intoxicating than existing ones in vocabulary of energy content, but in addition to develop the uses of and develop ahead existing techniques representing producing the ones to are already in the souk. At home other vocabulary we are likely to hear a assortment more nearly biofuels in the impending.
Biofuels Engineering Process Technology  Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels: A Do-It-Yourself Manual  Biofuels Business  Renewable Biofuel Bicycle Bicycle Dark T-Shirt by CafePress
If measures are not taken to enjoy clean renewable sources of energy such as solar, the cost, in the environmentalists' judgment, may perhaps be dire. Increased temperatures, due to the warming, might cause glaciers to melt, and the irrigate may perhaps flood low-lying wetlands and other terrain. Extreme intensity patterns may perhaps bring nearly droughts, which watch over to include an adverse effect on workshop and swine life, more frequent. At home broad, the personal property of overall warming include the possible to get compulsory property scarcer.

Broccoli: The Green prevent cancer

   Broccoli is one of the popular vegetable. The content of vegetables broccoli provedmore beneficial to health. Broccoli is also easily found in supermarkets and traditionalmarkets. Vegetables coming from Italy this is a dark green vegetable with the head ofthe stem at the stem. Broccoli is a member of the Brassica family.
Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) is a flower of a type of vegetable cropscabbage-kubisan. This vegetable is a collection of flowers that form a set of florets.Guess what? Broccoli found effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes.Contained chemicals sulforaphane in broccoli, serves to strengthen the immunesystem to prevent clogged arteries.
The result of the research journal Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biologyclaims, broccoli effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes. Contained chemicalssulforaphane in broccoli, according to the researchers, serves to strengthen theimmune system to prevent clogged arteries.

Broccoli Health Benefits:
  • Preventing cancer 
Broccoli effective against various types of cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, and cancer of the small intestine.Broccoli contains anti-cancer substances in the form glucoraphanin, diindolylmethane, beta carotene, selenium and other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, potassium, and amino acids.
  • Detoxification 
The content of vitamin C, sulfur, and amino acids in broccoli is a powerful detoxifying agent that eliminates free radicals and toxins from the body. Broccoli also cleanse the blood of the disease due to toxins such as boils, itching, arthritis, rheumatism and eczema.
  • Prevent stomach upset 
Fiber in broccoli prevent constipation by maintaining fluid and stimulate the colon.Magnesium and vitamins in broccoli neutralize gastric acidity and reduce inflammation.
  • Caring skin 
Broccoli contains powerful antioxidants, namely beta-carotene and vitamin C. In addition, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and folic skin care, regeneration of cells, and makes the skin glow.
  • Preventing heart disease 
Broccoli is rich in fiber, beta carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins that help reduce "bad" cholesterol, protect heart function and regulate blood pressure.
  • Maintaining eye health 
Zeaxanthin, beta carotene, vitamin A, phosphorus, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E in broccoli is good for eye health. They protect the eyes from macular degeneration, cataracts, and damage from sunlight radiation.
  • Strengthen immunity 
The content of selenium, copper, zinc, phosphorus and other vitamins and minerals in broccoli support the body's immune system against various infections.
  • Maintaining bone health 
Broccoli is rich in calcium and other minerals like magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus is beneficial for children, elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers. The group is vulnerable to osteoporosis and calcium deficiency.
  • Nutrition for pregnancy 
Broccoli contains many nutrients that pregnant women needed such as protein, calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, iron, and phosphorus. Broccoli is also rich in fiber, so suitable for pregnant women who usually suffer from constipation during pregnancy. 
  • Normalize blood pressure 
Mineral content and chromium in broccoli helps regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Prevents anemia 
Broccoli contains iron and protein are important for patients with anemia.

Besides can be eaten raw, broccoli can be processed into a variety of deliciousdishes. Like other vegetables, broccoli is rich in provitamin A/carotenoids, folic acidand vitamin C. Cook briefly for vitamins is not damaged and the color is stillinteresting. But for fresh green broccoli, boiled with boiled water that has been addedwith 1/2 tsp salt. In addition to vitamins, broccoli also contain a variety of importantminerals such as calcium, potassium, potassium, iron and selenium. Other substancescontained in broccoli is the sulfur in the form of glucosinolate, a compound antidote,monoterpene and genestein. Flvonoid and fibers also contained enriched nutrient content of broccoli. The content of vitamin C in broccoli amount more than orange?Calcium content of broccoli also greater than a glass of milk, and broccoli are alsoknown to contain more fiber than a slice of bread wheat!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Easy Homemade Potato Chips Recipe

A potato chip (American English chips, British English crisps) is a thin slice of potato deep fried or baked until crispy depending on the company it originated from. Potato chips serve as an appetizer, side dish, or snack. Commercial varieties are packaged for sale, usually in bags. The simplest chips of this kind are just cooked and salted, but manufacturers can add a wide variety of flavoring (mostly made using herbs, spices, cheese, artificial additives or MSG). Chips are an important part of the snack food market in English-speaking countries and many other Western nations.

Potato Chips

  • 4 russet (baking) potatoes, peeled and sliced diagonally 1/8 inch thick
  • 1/2 stick (1/4 cup) of butter, melted
  • Coarse salt to taste

  • Pat the potatoes dry between paper towels and arrange them in one layer in 2 buttered cookie sheets; if you have a non-stick cooking spray, this works fine for greasing the pans. Brush the potatoes with the butter, bake them in a preheated 500°F oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown. Sprinkle them with the salt.

Happy National Potato Chip Day!
March 14

Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips 


  • 1 Yukon Gold or Russet Potato*
  • 1/2 Cup of "Sub Oil Dressing" (Oil, Red Wine Vinegar and Italian Seasonings)
  • Sea Salt, to taste
  • Extra Red Wine Vinegar

  • Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Line a cooking tray with tin foil for easy clean up. Sprinkle a thin layer of sea salt on the tin foil. No need to coat with oil.
  • Wash and peel your potato with a vegetable peeler. Be careful! This is a great way to lose skin on your fingers. Use the vegetable peeler to make very thin slices. Try to keep every slice the same width. 
  • Now take your potato slices and press between paper towels to absorb excess moisture. 
  • Put them in a medium mixing bowl and pour the Sub Oil mixture on them. Add additional red wine vinegar to the mixture, depending on your tastes. Let this mixture sit for 15-20 minutes for the best flavor. The potatoes may start to turn brown, but don't worry - they'll turn brown anyways after they cook!
  • After 20 minutes, cover the baking sheet with a layer of the potato slices. Remember, you don't need to put additional oil on the tray, a thin layer of salt will suffice. Try not to let any of the slices touch, ensuring a thin layer. For every potato that you cook, you'll have to cook two batches. 
  • Now place the tray in your preheated oven and set the timer for 5 minutes. Depending upon the amount of oil used and the potato slice thickness, the cooking time may vary. Therefore, it is crucial that you watch the entire cooking process to ensure your chips don't burn. Once they turn a nice golden brown, they are down cooking! 
  • Carefully remove the tray and put the first batch of chips onto a plate lined with paper towels. Place another layer of paper towels on top to help absorb the grease.
  • Now onto the second batch! Be extra careful this time, your chips will cook faster because of the temperature of the baking tray. Make sure to coat the pan again with another thin layer of sea salt before placing the second batch of potato slices onto it.
  • The trickiest part of this recipe is to wait until your done cooking both batches...I usually eat most of the first batch while waiting for the second to cook. If you have family around, they go super fast!


8 Technologies for a Green Future

A grouping of optimistic minds are working on futuristic projects to facilitate guarantee to nominate the globe greener while making entrepreneurs several naive.
It's save-the-world stuff like toxic-waste-eating trees, smart electricity grids, oceangoing robots, and hovering environmental sensors. Then there's the alternative-energy quarters fueling station to facilitate can jump-start the long-awaited hydrogen cheap. This knowledge may well seem far improbable - but it will probably be now a grouping closer than you think.

1. Home hydrogen fueling station
What can be cooler - or greener - than a hydrogen car in your driveway? Try a solar-powered hydrogen fueling station in your garage. Scientists in Melbourne, Australia, experience industrial a prototype of such a device. It's nearly the size of a filing cabinet and runs on electricity generated by standard-issue rooftop solar panels.
The to start with version of the quarters fueling station is estimated to goods an adequate amount hydrogen to allocate your runabout a range of several 100 miles exclusive of emitting a molecule of planet-warming conservatory swap gossip. Road trips are improbable of the question, but it's an adequate amount juice used for running built-up errands or powering fleets of urban relief trucks.
"You don't need a hydrogen infrastructure to introduce the hydrogen cheap," says Sukhvinder Badwal, a veteran fuel-cell scientist leading the project next to Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.
The solar-fired fuel-station-in-a-box leapfrogs two large obstacles to the much-hyped hydrogen cheap. One is the multibillion-dollar expense of building state networks of pipelines and fuel stations to return the corner Chevron.
The other is the piece of information to facilitate at the moment for the most part hydrogen is produced by burning fossil fuel to create hydrogen swap gossip - not exactly a clean and naive process. The quarters hydrogen fuel station solves persons problems in solitary package to facilitate Badwal hopes will ultimately get rid of used for nearly $500.
The tenderness of the fuel station is an electrolyzer - fundamentally a fuel cell run in reverse. An stimulating current from solar panels (a quarters wind turbine would as well look after the job) separates run into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is compressed and stored, immediate used for wear out in a fuel-cell car or an electric/hydrogen hybrid with an engine converted to run on the swap gossip.
CSIRO is in talks with latent for profit partners, so Badwal's lab is off-limits to visitors. But on his mainframe screen, he reveals a box to facilitate would fit effortlessly in the corner of a garage then to the mountain bikes.
Real-world tests of the quarters fueling technique were to make a start youthful this day next to RMIT University in Melbourne, with for profit trials two years sour. Obstacles stay put, as well as the cost of hydrogen cars, but the knowledge can take off a long way to making the domestic wagon carbon-neutral. (Read more nearly quarters hydrogen fueling stations on the Green Wombat Blog).

2. Environmental sensor networks
Call it the networked setting. Picture tiny - we're discussion small as a dime - wireless sensors lining lake beds and ocean floors, buried in the ground, and hovering in the air. All the point sniffing the air, run, and soil used for chemicals and pollutants and detecting changes in high temperature and pressure.
The suborn: Real-time data on a variety of phenomena to facilitate affect the cheap and society - climate transformation, hurricanes, air and run pollution. Scientists are capitalizing on advances in wireless tech and nanotechnology to build networks of these environmental sensors.
Arizona State University scientist Joe Wang has already deployed them in San Diego Bay and the canals of Venice to keep watch on heavy-metal levels and mercury contamination. Researchers next to the University of British Columbia and the University of California next to Berkeley, meanwhile, experience twisted a coin-size solar cell to facilitate can power the transmitters used for sensor networks to facilitate solitary time might examine a brook or a bay used for leaking pipelines.
Cooler yet are solar-powered sensors to facilitate fly in the air. Ensco, a knowledge company based in Falls place of worship, Va., is mounting a beach-ball-size implement to facilitate gets its juice from thin-film solar panels and would calculate weather patterns by probing the curve of a jet river or the interior of a tempest.

3. Toxin-eating trees
Plant a forest, clean up a Superfund position. That's the notion behind phytoremediation, a knowledge to facilitate uses vegetation to absorb harmful excess from manufacturing plants and other polluters.
The method has been around used for years but hasn't proven very effectual. Now there's a recent twist to facilitate promises to nominate toxic dumping basis naive in more ways than solitary.
Researchers next to York University in Britain experience identified bacteria living in the roots of poplar trees to facilitate goods an enzyme to facilitate zaps dregs from RDX, a compound compound used by the armed and industry. The scientists are working on ways to genetically engineer the enzyme to boost the tree's capability to suck up toxic excess. So don't be surprised if you start bearing in mind forests sprouting on old armed bases.
Meanwhile, a team from the University of Georgia has transplanted a gene from bacteria to facilitate helps neutralize mercury contamination into a regular flower. The effect: A solar-powered bioremediation technique to facilitate smells pleasant too.

4. Nuclear excess neutralizer
Forget Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Homer Simpson. Nuclear energy is making a comeback, and it's promptly being touted as a greenhouse-gas-free solution to inclusive warming. But solitary large difficulty remains: What to look after with untold tons of radioactive excess to facilitate will be red-hot used for hundreds of thousands of years?
The answer: Recycle it. But not with current nuclear-waste-reprocessing knowledge, which leaves behind an fateful by-product - weapons-grade plutonium. Instead, scientists next to the government's Argonne National Lab close to Chicago are devising a compound knowledge called Urex+ to facilitate extracts reusable uranium and separates improbable cesium, allowing four epoch as much excess to be packed into nuclear committal basis.
Such knowledge would next to previous nominate a nuke-plant-building boom ecologically feasible, but that's far from the merely benefit. It would as well leave the plutonium encased in other elements, rendering it all but useless to terrorists, North Korean dictators, and other evildoers. During addition, campaign are taking place used for a recent type of nuclear reactor to facilitate can burn the reprocessed excess as fuel. But the inevitable fight larger than a nuclear revival is several point sour - it'll be five to 10 years or the waste-reprocessing technologies are immediate used for prime point.

5. Autonomous ocean robots
The world's seas are in an ocean of breakdown: Climate transformation, vanishing fish, coral bleaching. Just keeping tabs on an close setting to facilitate covers three-quarters of the earth's rise is a tad like exploring a distant planet. Which way it's paramount to propel in the robots.
Unfortunately, at the moment for the most part oceangoing bots are large, dumb, and expensive. They need to be tethered to boats and operated by humans who assemble paychecks. But not the Starbug. Under development in Australia, the 4-foot-long yellow robot operates autonomously and is highly maneuverable, credit to its innovative thruster knowledge and robotic revelation.
According to the robot's designer, scientist Matthew Dunbabin of CSIRO, the Starbug will examine run quality, drawing fish habitats, and survey threatened coral reefs. It can as well be deployed to detect drops in fish populations, as well as being dispatched to help with undersea swap gossip and smear with oil exploration.
Rather than relying on costly sonar, the Starbug "sees" its surroundings. Its cameras and the onboard Linux operating technique give permission the robot identify and count, used for occasion, marine pests to facilitate are assassination sour parts of the Great Barrier Reef, a 135,000-square-mile ecological cash cow to facilitate generates $8.3 billion annually in going to places of interest revenue.
With the robot's preliminary cost next to an estimated $24,000, Dunbabin envisions fleets of Starbugs launched from shoreline or small boats. His team is promptly building the next-generation Starbug, which must start rolling sour the congress line behind this day.

6. Sonic run disinfectant
Here's a sci-fi solution used for an age-old difficulty to facilitate leaves 1.1 billion ancestors exclusive of access to clean run: Beam ultrasound waves into dirty run, blowing up the cellular walls and carbon bonds of contaminants. What's not here is a cool drink of fresh H2O.
Filters and chemicals are normally used to purify filthy run, but researchers are experimenting with ultrasound knowledge as a cheaper alternative. Ultrasound waves experience already been used to break up dirt in sanitation systems.
Now to facilitate the probes to facilitate goods the sound waves are getting more powerful, however, scientists are retooling the strategy to decontaminate fat tanks of run, a process called sonolysis.
The goal is twofold. First, portable sonolysis equipment can be deployed to isolated villages in mounting countries. During urban areas, meanwhile, sonolysis can touch on run tainted with manufacturing pollution. Scientists like Villanova University's Rominder Suri are studying how sound waves can break down chemicals into fewer unsafe components, detoxifying wastewater.

7. Endangered-species chaser
Old: Save the whales! New: Web 2.0 persons whales, and at that time clone 'em! There are more than 16,000 branded threatened beast and lodge species; their plights deteriorate every one day as deforestation, development, and climate transformation take their toll.
Conservationists are looking to tag in danger of extinction animals like the Amazon's piglike white-lipped peccary with telephone lines frequency ID tags and GPS sensors, and at that time wear out Web 2.0 mashup techniques to superimpose their locations and drawing details of their habitats and practice with other landscape skin tone. The mean is to identify and design better wildlife preserves to ensure the survival of species edging on the subject of extinction.
For animals on the lip of forgetfulness, brave-new-world steps are being contemplated. During 2003, scientists cloned an in danger of extinction banteng cow, and XY Inc. Of Fort Collins, Colo., has industrial sperm-sorting knowledge to facilitate can solitary time be used used for sexual category selection in in danger of extinction species to boost captive breeding programs. India, meanwhile, is setting up a laboratory to cryopreserve the sperm and chromosome of rare Bengal tigers and other animals so they can eventually be cloned.

8. The interactive, renewable smart power grid
California convenience comforting Gas & Electric (Charts) is mounting the electricity grid of the upcoming, solitary to facilitate will look more like the Internet - disseminated, interactive, open-source - than the dumb, one-way arrangement of at the moment to facilitate pushes relic molecules from a carbon-spewing power lodge to your quarters.
Hal LaFlash, PG&E's director of renewable-energy guiding principle and planning, gave Business 2.0 a preview of the technologies and energy sources to facilitate utilities will tap used for the power grid of tomorrow.
Solar stations Large-scale plants using recent thermal and photovoltaic technologies will carry on in Southern California and the desert Southwest.
Solar buildings to the same extent solar cells are integrated into rooftops, walls, and windows, homes and place of work towers will develop into tiny power stations, generating their own electricity and feeding immoderation power back into the grid.
Wind power Anywhere the wind blows is a latent position used for a turbine, but the Great Plains is the place utilities are eyeing used for giant wind farms.
Wave power PG&E is looking next to the Northern California coast used for latent sites used for wave energy generators. The Northeast coast is an additional prime source of as-yet-untapped wave power.
Cow power California has 1.7 million cows and more than 2,000 dairies. A dozen dairies experience already installed methane digesters to break cow muck - a source of solitary of the for the most part destructive conservatory gases - into electricity. The digester extracts methane swap gossip from cow poop and uses it to power an electricity-generating turbine. Other dairies experience campaign to goods a bovine biogas to facilitate will be piped to power plants.
Car power PG&E is mounting knowledge to facilitate will allow upcoming "plug-in" hybrid vehicles not merely to revive their batteries but as well to feed electricity back into the power grid at some point in pinnacle demand.
Clean-coal plants Located largely in the East and Midwest, these plants will gasify coal, stripping it of pollutants. Carbon dioxide will be captured or it can be released into the air.
Smart grids Interactive power grids will communicate with smart agents embedded in household appliances, allowing power to be disseminated wherever it is considered necessary for the most part.
Green Earth Technologies 1155 G-Oil 5W-30 Green Motor Oil - 1 Quart, Pack of 6  50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius     Greenpeace Non-Toxic Hits [VHS]   Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing (Third Edition)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vegetarian pizza

Vegetarian pizza recipe is very easy and fun to make, an interesting view would make the children happy and want to try a delicious vegetarian pizza. It is suitable for children who do not like vegetables

  • 4 whole wheat pita
  • 1/2 cup vegan pesto
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 red bell pepper, thin slices
  • 1 tomato, sliced wedges
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 3 Tbs. kalamata olives, sliced
  • 3 Tbs. Marinated Artichoke Hearts, chopped
  • 2 Tbs. olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp. oregano 
  • 1/4 tsp. basil 
  • 2 Tbs, sesame seeds, toasted 

  1. Preheat oven to 300 ° F, or use a toaster oven.
  2. Mince the onion and saute with olive oil on low heat. Slice the pepper and add to onions, saute for 5 minutes.
  3. Place the 4 pitas on a baking tray. Place in the oven for 3 minutes to slightly cook the crust of the pita and give it a light crispy texture. Remove and set aside to cool while you slice the toppings.
  4. Spread the basil on the top of each pita. Add the olives, artichoke hearts, onions, tomato slices and peppers. Sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds over the top.
  5. Cook in the oven for 5 minutes.
Serve warm and enjoy!

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