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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Green Vegetable: Spinach

Spinach contains iron in the form of Fe2 + (ferrous), if the spinach is too long to interact with the O2 (Oxygen), the content of Fe2 + in spinach will be oxidized to Fe3 + (ferric). Although both iron, which is beneficial to humans is ferro, another case with a toxic ferric. So do once in a while to heat the spinach that has been through the process pemasakkan in the form of food. 
It would be nice too, we must immediately take a moment spinach has been processed, is also better to avoid consuming spinach are already more than 5 hours on the dining table, because in addition to containing ferric substances that had been mentioned above, spinach also can contain nitrate (NO3 ) which when oxidized by air will also become NO2 (nitrite) that is compound is colorless, odorless and toxic. 

In the process of storing in the refrigerator should also be considered, because the longer spinach stored in the refrigerator, nitrite compounds also will continue to increase in levels. 

Toxic effects of nitrite reaction with iron in red blood cells precisely in hemoglobin.Institute of nitrite with hemoglobin is called hemoglobin resulting Methemoglobin can not bind oxygen. If the amount of methemoglobin reach more than 15% of total hemoglobin, a meal will occur Cyanosis which means the circumstances in which the whole body tissue of oxygen deficiency. 

In general, spinach can improve the performance of kidney & digestion. Spinach leaves is used to purify the blood after childbirth, strengthens hair roots and treat low blood pressure, anemia (anemia) and kidney failure. 

In addition, spinach has a property to prevent loss of eyesight due to old age (macular degeneration), cancer, cataracts and birth defects. Spinach is a source of great lutein and folate, which helps prevent heart disease and babies born with disabilities. 

The content of folic acid in spinach are also able to protect heart muscle from rising levels of glucose containing soluble and B9. This vitamin is usually a supplement for women that contain to protect babies from defects in the nerve. 

Spinach other benefits, reduce gallstone formation because the magnesium-rich spinach in addition to fish, dried almonds, avocados, bananas, raisins. Spinach vegetables also provide iron-preventing anemia, but iron in spinach is not easily absorbed.

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