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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Many of the important reasons why we should choose not to eat meat, not emotional or sentimental reasons, but a convincing reasons and scientific. If the reasons were considered in depth would have been starting now we will switch to vegetarian food. 

Eskimos, living the majority of meat and fat and very quickly grow old, the length of an average age of 27.5 years. Krigis nation, a nation Nomad in the East Russian food consist mostly of meat, quickly grow old and die sooner, they rarely exceed 40 years of age. In contrast a study done by the anthropology of the tribes who do not eat meat, has a brilliant health, durability, and longevity, for example enjoyed by tribes from Hunza in Pakistan, the ethnic autonomy in Mexico and southwestern Native America. 


1. The process Poisoning 
Just before the animal slaughtered in, the frightened animal biochemical changes.Production of toxins in the forced exit flow throughout the body, thus poison the pain spread throughout the meat. 
It is now clearly known that emotions lead to very large changes in biochemical susuanan body, especially the changes in hormones in the blood. Our body becomes sick when very angry or scared. Similarly, the beast, will experience biochemical changes in dangerous situations. Hormone levels in the blood of animals, especially the hormone adrenaline, changing rapidly when the animals see other animals suffer and die around him and they revolted desperately but in vain to get freedom. Large amounts of hormone that remained attached to the meat and poison the human body cells that eat them, also can disturb the mind. According to the Institute in America, the animal meat full of blood and other toxic waste due to production. 
2. Decay Process 
Immediately after the animals were killed, proteins accumulate in body tissues, and enzymes released crusher (spread). It's not like the plants that have a thick cell wall and a simple circulatory system. Immediately formed substance called Ptomaines decay, because Ptomaines who freed soon died, meat animals, fish and eggs immediately break down and rot. Up on when the animals were transported into the space cut cooling, at that time experienced periods of maturation, the more meat it still must be transported from the slaughter house, purchased by the purchaser, taken home, stored, prepared and eaten, here can imagine how many further decomposition process took place. 
Meat slow journey inside the human digestive system, the more so because the human digestive system was not created to digest meat. Meat that can take 5 days to get out completely from the body while vegetarian food only takes 1.5 days. During that time, products that cause disease are things of the flesh decay constant contact with the means of digestion. Habit of eating meat with its decay characteristics that produce toxic substances that will be able in a relatively short time destroy our digestive system it prematurely. 
Raw meat continuous deterioration can contaminate and pollute the cook's hand all the others are touched by it. The community health workers in England, after the spread of food poisoning originating from slaughterhouses, warned the housewife for treating raw meat from the hygienic point of view, such as treating cow manure; often toxic bacteria not destroyed wlau to cook it, especially if the meat was in cooked medium rare, grilled or just in the Heat, all this is a very dangerous source of infection.
3. Disposal of Bad 
Because our digestive system is not designed to digest meat, so as a result, the disposal process is not perfect meat-eaters. Meat is almost no fibrous foods, and foods so it has shortcomings as follows: it moves slowly along the human digestive system (four times slower than grains and vegetables) so that eating meat was a very common cause of chronic constipation found in meat-eaters. 

A study recently conducted clearly showed that the pattern of perfect exile can only be provided by vegetarir food, vegetables, whole grains and fruits, retain moisture and clumping for easy disposal. People are vegetarians obtain reasonable dietary fiber from foods eaten daily and benefit by eating these foods has properties to protect from many diseases. According to a study, a natural fiber that is expected to prevent appendicities disease, diverticulitis, stomach cancer, heart disease, kidney, prostate and obesity.

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