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Thursday, March 17, 2011

22 April: Earth Day

Earth Day is commemorated annually on 22 April, marks the anniversary of the birth of a change in environmental awareness movement in the 1970s. Earth Day was born was initiated by a United States senator, Gaylord Nelson. At that time he was a national protest against political circles related to environmental problems. He insisted that those issues included in the national agenda. 

Gaylord Nelson started around more than 7 years before the first Earth Day. Initially Gaylord hopes his thinking is achieved through visits by President Kennedy's 11th state in September 1963, but with some reason the visit was not able to bring environmental issues into the national agenda. Efforts continue to be done Gaylord to realize his idea. After a tour of Kennedy, Gaylord conduct their own campaign to several states. In all corners of the country, evidence of environmental degradation occurs everywhere. Everyone knew, except the political circles. 
Finally in the summer of 1969 Gaylord know that the action of anti-Vietnam war demonstrations have spread widely through universities across the country. From there he got the idea to do the same thing in the campaign environment. He chose the lower classes in protest against environmental damage. At a conference in Seattle September 1969, Gaylord announced it would hold nationwide demonstrations in the spring of 1970 on behalf of the environment and everyone is invited to participate. After that, various letters, telegrams, and telephone flowing from all over the country. Americans finally find a forum to express his concern over decline in soil quality, rivers, lakes, and air in their neighborhood.On 30 November 1969 New York Times reported an increase in environmental awareness activities throughout the country especially on college campuses and one day for the memorial center is designed for environmental issues for the coming spring, which is coordinated by Senator Gaylord Nelson. This is a proof of the successful struggle of Gaylord Nelson in promoting environmental issues as a national agenda. 
On 22 April 1970, eventually about 20 million Americans took to the streets and meet a number of parks and auditoriums to campaign on health and environmental sustainability. Thousands of students gathered against environmental damage. The groups that have long opposed the presence of oil spills in the environment, factories and power plants causes pollution, poor drainage, disposal of hazardous materials, pesticides, highways, loss of wilderness, wildlife extinction and also increasingly aware of togetherness for their struggle from the public. 
Earth Day in 1970 has resulted in political circles that real unity is rare, coming from the republicans and democrats, and various other circles mixing. The first Earth Day into the early formation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency / US EPA (a U.S. environmental protection agency) and also as a first step toward the environment with clean air and water, and protection of living things. 
In 1990, the commemoration of Earth Day began to grow globally.About 200 million people from 141 countries in the world was moved to raise environmental issues on a global scale. Earth Day 1990 was the starting point of implementation of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. 
Earth Day in 2000 received help with the internet for connecting activists around the world. On April 22 some 5,000 environmental groups around the world to embrace hundreds of millions of people in 184 countries that became new record to campaign on Earth Day. Various activities were held in a range from drum sound chain from village to village in Gabon, Africa to the hundreds of thousands of citizens who gathered at the National Mall, Washington DC, USA. Earth Day 2000 is loud and clear message that calls for the world's population wants a quick and decisive action to use clean energy and environmentally friendly.

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