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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tindo: The World's First Solar Electric Bus for Green Earth

The Adelaide City Council’s electric solar bus is the first in the the human race to be re-energized using 100% solar energy, this green technology will be used everyday by the Ancestors of Adelaide through the Adelaide City Council’s liberated Adelaide Connector Bus service. 
Tindo – the Kaurna Aboriginal name for sun - is the culmination of the Council’s eight-year project to deliver a pure electric community bus.
International research suggests ancestors strongly prefer electric buses to folks powered by other instrument, such as diesel engines.
Electric buses can carry on in demanding City streets and residential neighbourhoods in a clean and undisturbed way, which makes them very admired with Both passengers and the public.

Recent advances in battery knowledge exhibit helped the lucrative development of wholesome electric buses with a right and proper range connecting recharges.
The Tindo solar electric bus uses 11 Zebra battery modules, giving it record energy storeroom function and operational range.
The Swiss-made Zebra batteries manipulate sodium/nickel chloride technology, with their profit with:
  • Designed for long life and reliability
  • Not affected by outside temperatures
  • Can be stored indefinitely fully charged
  • Lightweight
  • High energy and power density
The Zebra batteries used in Tindo are virtually maintenance free, and are therefore anticipated to findings in important cost savings.
The unique battery system interface ensures to the batteries routine can’t be damaged by inappropriate operation or charging protocols.
Unlike other batteries presented designed for electric buses, these controlled hotness batteries carry on devoid of loss of performance or life bated breath in virtually any conditions.
Appearing in addition to straight controls and instrumentation, a driver put on show panel is provided, from which the truck operator and maintenance workers can check the status of Tindo’s drive and charge.

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