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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Biopori: Environmentally Friendly Technology Solutions in Indonesia

Biopori or commonly referred to as Technology "Lubang Resapan Biopori" is an alternative method for rain water soak into the ground, in addition to the leach pit. Use of this Biopori will make the balance of nature maintained, organic waste which often cause odor can be handled, besides that it also can store water for dry season. The initial idea was first introduced by Kamir Raziudin Brata, a researcher and lecturer in the Department of Soil Science and Land Resources IPB Institute. 

Besides the advantages of this is to enrich the content Biopori rainwater. Because once absorbed into the soil through Biopori containing mud and bacteria, the water will dissolve and then contain the minerals needed by life. The purpose "Lubang Resapan Biopori" (LRB), this is for water to enter as much as possible into the soil. 

Excess LRB other is a simple addition, the tool is very easy to use by women. In addition, 10 benefits from this LRB include maintaining earthworm prevent subsidence and soil cracks; inhibit intrusion of sea water; convert organic waste into compost; improve soil fertility; maintain biodiversity in the soil; overcome the problems caused by the existence of stagnant water such as dengue fever, malaria, elephantiasis, (reducing the waste disposal problem which resulted in air and water pollution); reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2 and methane), and reduce flooding, landslides and drought.

Here is a way of making Holes Biopori:
  • Create a cylindrical hole with a diameter of 10 cm and depth of about 100 cm or to exceed the ground water if the soil has made the surface of shallow water. The distance between holes between 50-100 cm.
  • Mouth of the hole can be reinforced with cement 2-3 cm wide 2 cm thick.
  • Fill the hole with organic waste from kitchen garbage, the remaining plants, or leaves.
  • Organic garbage needs to be added if the contents of the hole has been reduced due to weathering processes.
  • Compost is formed in the hole can be taken at each end of the dry season along with the maintenance hole.

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