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Monday, March 14, 2011


The increase in energy demand and limited energy has made ​​designers come up with an alternative solar energy. Here it is the next generation street light solar-powered. Scientists working with designers to create and apply with a better lighting solution for the future and make the streets green and safe.
  • Solar Powered Invisible Streetlight

Invisible streetlights are solar powered street lights that mimic leaves and can behidden among the natural vegetation on the side of the road. Consisting of a doubleinjection of silicon, aluminum and photos the capacitor, the lamp continues to shinethroughout the night. Designer is Jogoh Lee.

  • Ross Lovegrove’s Solar Tree

Designer Ross Lovegrove to design this lamp with innovative street lighting systemthat relies on solar energy. The idea is to bring art to the concept of solar tree, made ​​with modern technology, flexible pipe.

  • SonUmbra

SonUmbra has been designed by Loop.pH as tree system is unique, interactive andsolar-powered lighting. The structure is formed with strands of woven fabric that emitslight into the nets and branches glistening. SonUmbra get energy from the PV-canopy which utilizes solar energy by day andcherished the onboard batteries to light up after dark.

  • Light Tree

Light Tree designed by designer Omar I. Huerta Cardoso. Arranged like a tree withnanotube solar cells that provide a unique aesthetic. This concept of hydroponicstechnique combined with solar cell technology to supply energy and water in variousultra-bright LEDs.

  • Solar Sunflowers

Designers Harries / Heder, creating the concept of solar-powered sunflowers inAusten, Texas. 15 flowers (such as photovoltaic panels) to absorb solar energy toproduce renewable energy flows. Located on the pedestrian path and bike lanebetween the villages of Mueller and Austin highway I-35. Sunflower Solar not only offersshade for pedestrians and cyclists, but also gather energy during the day and then use it to power the LEDs at night.

  • Solar Mallee Trees

Located in Adelaide, providing a spectacular sight. Outside the Adelaide FestivalCentre, this beautiful tree-shaped and built with solar power to go green program.Trees with solar panels on it to provide lighting in the surrounding area. Each tree canproduce 864 kWh / year. The energy generated is used to illuminate the night.

  • Luceplan Sky

Designed by Alfredo Häberli, relying on solar energy to illuminate the streets after dark.PV panels located at the top to charge the light in the daytime. Then used to powerLED lighting that can release the intense and prolonged in the area.

  • Solar Forest

The concept is to condition such as a structured tree in the forest. Solar Forest is composed of trees consisting of photovoltaic leaf, aims to collect solar power. On eachtree has a power outlet used for charging the electricity. In addition to providing power,photovoltaic leaves also provide shade to the cars parked underneath. This conceptwill soon materialize in the UK and Italy.

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