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Monday, April 07, 2008

Ovo vegetarians

Ovo vegetarians (or eggetarians) are vegetarians who eat eggs but not meat or dairy products. "Ovo" comes from the Latin word for egg. Pronunciation: /oe' voe/. A common health reason for choosing this diet is lactose intolerance.

This vegetarian diet excludes dairy products. Ethical reasons for doing this include constantly keeping a cow pregnant in order for her to lactate and the slaughter of unwanted male calves. Other concerns include the standard practice of separating the mother from her calf and denying the calf its natural source of milk. In contrast, however, hens are able to lay eggs for human consumption without being fertilized or reproducing. The common practice of keeping free range hens in the backyard illustrates this, and also demonstrates that hens can be treated as pets rather than egg-laying machines. This standpoint is in contrast to the ethical argument for lacto vegetarianism.

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